The Randers Reb Group is a modern company with more than 170 years of know how.

Throughout more than three centuries Randers Reb has developed from a traditional craftsmanship company into a modern group. Traditions have been preserved and along with innovative technology and focus on education of our employees, today we stand as a reliable collaborator with an invaluable knowledge of the industry.

Vision – more than a supplier

It is the vision of Randers Reb to be our domestic and international preferred supplier and a considerable supplier. To be competitive and reliable supplier of steel- and rope works, and related equipments and to continuously strengthen our position both domestic and global – solely through organic growth.

A flexible organization

Randers Reb’s organization in Denmark is room for our headquater as well as international sales and distribution of all products.
Teamwork and flexibility are keywords in an organization, which is characte-rized by great knowledge of the trade in general and Randers Reb in particular. Randers Reb’s production unit is located in Alytus, Lithuania.

Classic craftsmanship in new surroundings

The establishment of Randers Reb’s production in Alytus, a town not far from the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, became the visible proof of the end of a 163-year era in Danish industry. At the same time is was the beginning of a new era as an international manufacturing and trading company.

During the course of 2002 production was gradually transferred from the old factory in Randers. Since 2004 the production of steel wire ropes- and fiber ropes are fully up and running at the Lithuanian factory.

It was not just the production equipment that was moved to Alytus. A comprehensive training programme for the new Lithuanian employees ensured that experience and knowledge of production, logistics and quality control were also transferred.

Continued classic craftsmanship

To ensure the well-known Randers Reb Quality also will endure in the years to come, Randers Reb Lithuania has obtained the ISO 9001 certification.

UAB Randers Reb in Lithuania has build up a solid organization, which through a comprehensive training programme since 2002 possess knowledge and experience about steel wire ropes, combined steel & fiber ropes as well as traditional fiber- and paper ropes.

Randers Reb – 100% Danish-owned

In July 2017, the ownership of Randers Reb has been taken over by the capital fund Erhvervsinvest (100%) whose purpose of the acquisition is to further develop a company that has been in positive growth since its re-establishment in 2005.

The continued focus of the company is therefore to offer rope products, especially for commercial fishing, the playground equipment market and the furniture industry. All segments are global markets where Randers Reb is active. In addition to a wide range of relevant products, one of Randers Reb’s special competencies is to customize the products to the particular circumstances that are currently applicable to our customers.